Mk was established in 2000. The group has developed over the years an inquiry into the ambiguity of bodily states and their alterations, through different formats and collaborations; it is now considered as one of the most lively research ensemble of the Italian scene, with performances in many countries, as Indonesia, USA, Japan, Peru, Germany, France, Hungary, Spain, Portugal and so on.
Mk performances are hosted by festivals and museums, galleries and foundations as the Ethnographic National Museum and the Ara Pacis in Rome, the BiennaleDanza in Venice, the Museion Bolzano, the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon, ICI Berlin, Live Arts Week and Mambo Bologna, etc.
The group has often shared projects with visual and performance artists as Luca Trevisani, Margherita Morgantin, Zimmerfrei, David Kern, Roberta Mosca, Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch, Daniela Cattivelli, the geographer Franco Farinelli and so on.
The latest productions by mk propose different formats and performative environments in collaborations with other artists, as is the case of the Platform of Balinese Dance, a special project created by three Italian choreographers for the entire program of the Santarcangelo International Festival 2014 and 2015.
Bermudas, Hey and Veduta are the most recent works, on tour.
Michele Di Stefano is the guest curator for the “outdoor” program of the Bolzano Danza Festival 2018 and is invited by the collective HOOD to join the next Artists Summit in PACT Zollverein Essen.
He created Upper East Side for Aterballetto and Line Rangers for the Korean National Contemporary Dance Company in Seoul (Autumn 2014). He is the artistic director of AngeloMai Italia Tropici, an irregular platform for live arts in Rome.
He recently published with Margherita Morgantin Agenti autonomi e sistemi multiagente , a book of choreographic instructions and meteorological reports (Quodlibet 2012).
He has been invited for three years in a row at the BiennaleDanza in Venice as teacher and creator. He also helded workshops and projects at Scuola Paolo Grassi Milan and at the National Dance Academy in Rome.
Mk has re-staged in 2015 its first choreographic duet (e-ink) for the project RIC.CI (Reconstruction Italian Contemporary Choreography) with two performers by Aterballetto.

In 2000 Michele Di Stefano wins the “Danza&Danza” Award for contemporary dance. He has been awarded the Silver Lion for innovation in dance at the IX Biennale Danza 2014 in Venice.

Starting 2010 MK is supported by MIBACT Italian Ministry of Culture.

Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch
Sigourney Weaver
Agenti autonomi e sistemi multiagente

2-3 febbraio 2018
Triennale Teatro dell’Arte

10 febbraio 2018
Teatro Contatto 36
Teatro Palamostre, Sala Pasolini

17 e 18 febbraio
Laboratorio a cura di Biagio Caravano
Sala Mercato - Archivolto

19>25 febbraio 2018
Libero Corpo – formazione
II biennio

25 febbraio 2018
Libero Corpo – atelier
apertura coreografica
Teatro Garibaldi Bisceglie

10>18 marzo 2018
Artists Summit
PACT Zollverein
Essen D
5 aprile 2018
Teatro degli Atti, Sala Pamphili

6 aprile 2018
con B.Caravano
Teatro degli Atti

23>26 aprile 2018
26 aprile 2018
La Democrazia del Corpo
CANGO Cantieri Goldonetta Firenze

24 aprile 2018
La Democrazia del Corpo
CANGO Cantieri Goldonetta Firenze

28 aprile
Teatro Garibaldi Bisceglie

26-27 maggio 2018
Veduta > Milano
FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts
Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli

17 luglio 2018
Meteorologia – pezzi politici
Tanz Bozen / Bolzano Danza Festival
Parco delle Semirurali h.21

19 luglio 2018
Bermudas_Tequila Sunrise
Tanz Bozen / Bolzano Danza Festival
Teatro Comunale h.21

23-24-25 luglio 2018
Veduta > Bolzano
Tanz Bozen / Bolzano Danza Festival
Cassa di Risparmio Piazza Walther
h. 19 – 18,45 – 19,30

28 luglio 2018
Impressions d’Afrique – il cameriere e la preda
Raymond project
Grand Hotel et Des Palmes
Sala Wagner h.22,30

4 agosto 2018
Vertigine # 0 – Torinodanza
Baita Chesal h. 17 – 17,45 – 18,30
Bardonecchia (frazione Melezet)

26 agosto 2018
ArtCity 18
Necropoli di Tarquinia
Associazione Trasparente: accordo unionestatuto / direttore artistico / verbale