mk / Roberta Mosca / Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch
by and Roberta Mosca
choreographic information Michele Di Stefano
light Roberto Cafaggini
management Carlotta Garlanda
production mk 2015 in collaboration with Storie Milanesi/Uovo Performing Arts Festival
supported by Live Arts Week and MiBACT

length 25'

Sub is a project born from a dialogue with an exceptional interpreter, a long-time member of the William Forsythe Company, who produced a solitary and spherical dance based on choreographic information received via e-mail, together with the music. Thus, it speaks of the creative responsibility of the performer in relation to language and the taking of space.
The fragility of this action is programmatic and occurs directly on stage; it requires a different kind of grammatical wisdom, i.e. the pure ballistic and evaluation of an ongoing activity. The body is a bullet launched into space, who meets a friction coming from afar, asking for continuous diversions of power. Technically neither a show nor a structured impro, Sub is a hybrid object, consisting of a long exposure of the body, who is prey of an on stage experimented syntax. There is no rehearsal, just a public performance to be waiting for every now and then.
Such an organism evolves over time, accumulating new information and deleting other, playing a physical bewilderment that requires contact with the audience to distance itself from any sort of metaphor.

Sub’s music comes out of a complex system of radios, hi fi, loudspeakers and subwoofers, Radios are antennas capable of picking up the invisible and travelling through time and thoughts. They clash the tangible and invasive sound density of the music, which is declined instead in the present, without compromise. The choice of this mixed and fragmented diffusion system is not at all neutral and informs the performance in its structure and composition. So, a sort of a sound meteorology takes place, interrupted by electronic music, sometimes fragile and sometimes very aggressive; a world with its own rules that the performer lives, with her own rules.

“This is what we offer: a postural study on the ruthlessness of surrendering to the outside, a cozy outside anyway, because always in contact with the curve of the earth.
I think it's the opposite of intimacy, it is a matter of externality, a search for the arrival into the externality, as if there was a passage from the invisible to the visible of a body who discovers different densities in the process.
It is very wild; but it contains also technical assessments, a time to rethink how to refloat the pure organic relationship between the limbs or an extra effort of the motor system for an extra space, an extra sphere. This is the open: a place where the bodily posture transform the outer space in order to start a dance.
Maybe Sub stands also for subaqueous, but it it’s just an illusion, a wish. We know that it’s not thanks to the immersion that we can smile in the open, but thanks to the emersion. "