# an eternally rising state
performance: Philippe Barbut, Biagio Caravano, Andrea Dionisi, Sebastiano Geronimo, Luciano Ariel Lanza, Laura Scarpini, Francesca Ugolini
choreography set clothes Michele Di Stefano
modular system live Biagio Caravano
text Michele Di Stefano con Massimo Conti e AAVV
light design: Giulia Broggi
props: Philippe Barbut
management: Carlotta Garlanda
distribution: Jean Fran├žois Mathieu
production mk/KLm con il contributo della Regione Lazio, MiC
in collaboration with Short Theatre, Orbita-Centro di Produzione Nazionale della Danza, Crossing the sea-Italian performing arts going East

premiere 15/09/22 Short Theatre festival, Teatro India Roma

Sfera relies on a chaotic mixing of individuals, conditioned by immediacy and loss of definition between bodies. An immediate body has no time to be deciphered, simply produces an environmental intention, and squanders words and gestures to make more space. Choreography exposes itself for what it is: an atmospheric event, predisposing physiological alliances and new forms of intimacy for the manifestation of dance. We might be the perfect inhabitants of a crowded bus adrift or a chorus synchronized with the tides -- they are privileges of the stage -- but in reality we seek an unnamed quality out of an irresistible desire for proximity.