# an eternally nascent state

atmospheric project 2022-23 >
in collaboration with Triennale Milano

and Istituto di Alti Studi Coreografici
nomadic research space

concept by Michele Di Stefano
a cura di mk

Duration da 120’ to 180’


Piscina Mirabilis was born from the desire to address first and foremost a very large and non-exclusive community of dancers, performers, athletes, bodies, figures and people whose address is to project themselves onto the scene, a scene that does not necessarily coincide with the canonical scene of professional performance activity. The scene becomes an unexpectedly everyday place where the body and thought in motion can act uninformed by a predefined role.

We wish to intercept that energetic excess that secretly feeds a very large number of people interested in seeking their individuality even in movement, as posture and tension undirected by any pre-existing practice but open to an unheard understanding of self and others on the basis of pure dynamic expressions.

Piscina Mirabilis aims to encounter bodies at a stage that precedes any formal and design and artistic outcome, in the free concentration of making that comes before any service to performance, audience, production, finalized study, 'sharing' and workshop. Evidently meeting them while they are intent on 'something else' that is impossible to name.

Piscina Mirabilis wants to foster the enactment of an incandescence of bodies in an open space, circumscribed by the possibility of being there exclusively to transform the space into a place of immediate exchange, always at a total loss to an idea of aesthetic fulfillment.

Piscina Mirabilis creates a time, a duration and thus an environment where to carefully manipulate this extroversion and physical articulation of self, with the only certainty of being surrounded by the same potential of other bodies, in a soft cohabitation always aware of the environment in which it evolves.
Arbitrary nonchalance of an unmarketable physical intensity.


Before the performance, before the rehearsal, the workshop, the training, the warm-up: the body.
A temporary place dedicated to research, where to immerse oneself in pure happening, without power hierarchies, without academicism, transmission, training. A strange habit to build without discourse, a pool to return to.

Each session will last between two and three hours.
At the entrance one is welcomed and instructed on the basic conditions for accessing the space after which all behavior and development is entrusted to the body of the participant.
Some simple rules for accessing the space will encourage descent to the body with the only certainty of being in a very exposed and very intimate place together.

An environmental chronology of event is created for each session, which can be sound visual and atmospheric, independent and autonomous from the development of the internal action, entrusted to a different artistic unit from time to time.

In the recurrence of the appointment, there is a tendency to build the habit of a place of the possible, where to articulate corporeality without selections or hierarchies, with a potential for investigation and research that can include the precious fragility of creating an unseen environment, exposed to the elements.

Piscina mirabilis is open to anyone who wants to experiment and contribute to creating this recurring appointment. The space is accessed after reading the rules of its occurrence. Piscina mirabilis can also be visited for the sheer desire to look

"I think of another idea of nature, namely that of birth, of the world as a place where we all, living beings destined to disappear, come to light. It is this common nature," I insist, "that allows us to think of anyone, human or nonhuman animal, in his or her full right to live freely in the world without harming anyone else. I would say not a utopia, but a foundational idea. To be based on birth, and not on origins, would mean thinking at the same time of a common space and, in it, the continuous renewal of generations."

"It's not that animals disengage from productivity, it's that they ignore it altogether, blessed are they."


Thank you for wanting to participate and for abiding by some simple rules:
this is a place dedicated to research, open, where you can immerse yourself in movement, where you can explore the physical articulation of self, without reflection.

In the pool space you enter without shoes.
We ask you to respect the absolute delivery of silence.
Proximity and coexistence between bodies is everyone's secret resource.
Contact, when it happens, is always gentle, not manipulative.
Take space, leave space, it is others who suggest how.
Avoid any preconstituted movement patterns; the environment suggests posture.
However exposed, the body does not perform. Let it swim.
The gaze has the same gentleness as your doing.
Get in and out when you want to.
Pleasure is the direct consequence of your efforts.