choreographic project Michele Di Stefano
commissioned by festival BolzanoDanza|Tanz Bozen 2020 - invention Emanuele Masi
with interchangeable - 1 performer
music Jeff Buckley, You & I
light Giulia Broggi
management Carlotta Garlanda
distribution Jean François Mathieu
co-production Bolzano Danza/Tanz Bozen e KLm 2020
photo Andrea Macchia

EDEN is an intimate encounter between two bodies, who stand in two very different positions: the stage and the stalls. It is as simple as that. It is also an exercise in captivity that concerns both bodies, who seem accomplices in wanting to give up “paradise”, doing it in mutual solitude. But the exceptional nature of the context suggests that this is not the case. No renunciation: paradise is exactly in front of you, it is that person who is in front of you, from the stage to the stalls or from the stalls to the stage, in the absolute reversibility of the encounter. The circumstances in which we find ourselves favor a different perception of something that has never stopped acting in the pact between spectator and performer: an understanding between bodies. For this reason in EDEN you will not meet a choreography, but people, who dance exclusively to understand you and to be understood by you, in a lonely space. People who will be fully immersed into your presence. Both will be watching and therefore both will be dancing an infinite reverberation in the vastness of your two places, that are one place. Any production of image runs the risk of removing one of the two poles from this intensity, re-establishing a type of relationship that in these circumstances would sound like a lost opportunity. A lost paradise. This is why I asked the performers to keep intact an unstable vulnerability, which from my point of view is an eminently choreographic gesture, and to never give in to the temptation of showing off. Only in this way, a mutual surrender can be produced, and each of you could also be the other, and dance could reveal itself for what it is: something that keeps surfacing, second by second.