by mk and Sigourney Weaver
with Philippe Barbut, Biagio Caravano, Daniela Cattivelli, Michele Di Stefano, Laura Scarpini
music Springbreakers, Wire, Madcon
light design Roberto Cafaggini
choreography Michele Di Stefano
management Carlotta Garlanda
production mk 2015 in collaboration with MilanOltre
project FRONTERIZO in partnership with Live Arts Week
supported by MiBACT
lenght 50'
Premiere: October 5th 2015, MilanOltre festival Teatro dell’Elfo, Milan

This recent piece is a collaboration between the group and the duo Sigourney Weaver (Biagio Caravano and Daniela Cattivelli) who work mainly on performances driven by sound. We propose something like a dance concert, including choreographic sketches and songs that aim at investigating the posture of bodies placed in front of a microphone, bodies who are just there ' before the speech” and before the attack of movement; they aim at any kind of strategy to give voice to breath: physical or verbal rants, proclaims, whistles, playback, quick conversations and playing of shells. Everything in space is intersected and overlapped, pronounced and exposed, created by relationship and abundance. The urge to say something crucial is there as there is plenty of intentions, but this attitude seems only to produce a strange vaudeville rather than a reasoned emission. In the end, a birdsong becomes the only calm horizon for the frantic activity.
What lies below the surface is a desire for “rounding” – of a conversation, of a dance – a desire to get closer, an acceptance of the misunderstandings, the production of a convexity in choreography, which aims at the inclusion of the outside.
This piece seems to refer to the curvature of the Earth, as if we were moved to go everywhere and catch word every time because we know that we live on a globe, but not inside of it.