with Philippe Barbut, Biagio Caravano, Marta Ciappina, Andrea Dionisi, Laura Scarpini, Loredana Tarnovschi
choreography Michele Di Stefano
music Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch
set and images Luca Trevisani
light design Roberto Cafaggini
stage assistant Davide Clementi
management Carlotta Garlanda
web Biagio Caravano
production mk 2014, Teatro di Roma
in collaboration with Comune di Montalto di Castro e Atcl
supported by MiBACT
lenght 55'
premiere 7 febbraio 2014 Teatro Argentina Roma

Robinson's island has always been a place for our idea of the 'exotic', an undefined projective process of fears and desires, which nowadays deals with the increase of two opposite global streams: migrations and holidays. Robinson can be seen as a tourist but also as a refugee, eager to manage the rules of the society he is going to suit.
But unlike the protagonist of Defoe's tale, our Robinson looses himself into the landscape with no aim at reproducing the path of Western society; he enters a metamorphic zone until the encounter with the Other leads him to a total reinvention of the self. That's what happens in Michel Tournier's book Friday or the other island.
Choreography can be seen as an act of learning towards the outside world: it is the language of the encounter with the other, a place where different projects and different reactions exist to produce a single dance, as a tale of destinations rather than origins. What Robinson seems to tell us is that Otherness can really structure a world.